Estudio Movil: Moravia

The Mobile Studio
Parked in a vacant lot next to the Moravia Cultural Center, a repurposed public bus is being used to record rappers who live in Moravia- a brick shack shantytown built on Medellin's old landfill.

La Mara
Crouched by a the speaker, La Mara listened to the recording of her song about a friend's recent murder in a feud over rhymes.

Barking "HARDCORE" over a homemade beat, Nacho and his counterpart rap a thrash style of hip-hop known locally as hardcore.

Memo MC's daughter
A few of the artists have young children, this one ate a popsicle and posed while waiting for her papa to record.

Treehorns under thunder storm
During the recording sessions, the bus weathered a heavy storm and had rocks thrown at its back window. Planes flew overhead and the muddy lot the bus was parked in became an impromptu moto-cross course.